8 Core principles when thinking mobile

Published 26th November

Below 8 Core principles we typically talk through with our clients when thinking mobile. Get the core right and success rate is greatly improved.

1. MOBILE is already a reality that is growing by the day

2. MOBILE is another channel but it has very different characteristics to desktop

3. MOBILE = COMMUNICATION & SOCIAL (Both natural parts of our life)

4. PRESENCE = LOGICAL, RELEVANT & TRUSTABLE (The ’how’, ’why’ and ’what’ is so important)

5. ENGAGEMENT = ATTRACTIVE, FUNCTIONAL & EASY TO USE (Services have to offer utility and deliver results)

6. DISCOVERY = ACCESSIBLE, COMPATIBLE & PERFORMANT (Steps simply represent barriers)

7. REVENUE = RELEVANT, INFLUENCING & ACTIONABLE (Everything should firstly deliver value)

8. REPORTING = KNOWLEDGE, COMPARISON & EVOLUTION (Everything in mobile is potentially measureable)

 The question of iPhone and Android is invariably raised – they are tactics that fall under no. 4 PRESENCE and ‘How’.

If you are thinking about the role of mobile and how it can add value to your business drop us a line.