Mobile advertising – why is mobile so different?

Author: Martin Wilson

It ticks so many boxes. Consider the audience. In nearly every country in Europe and around the world mobile has mass penetration. Usage of mobile services continues to see rapid growth in line with our every increasing appetite for information.   Mobile has the ability to get closer to the point of purchase than ever before. The device is very rarely shared so activity is usually personal. A majority of activity is driven by a need. At every level activity and audience actions are potentially measurable.

This means mobile remains one of the great untapped channels to a mass consumer audience for brands and media owners alike. Some of the leading digital agencies such as AKQA and Ogilvy and media owners like the BBC and Sky for some time have had dedicated mobile teams. Others are now following their lead as they come to realise that mobile requires a very different approach.

Why is the mobile experience different?  (coming later this week) 

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