Average number of Apps soars, but think before joining the frenzy

Published 9th September

Since Apple raised the profile of mobile phone apps two years ago, it appears smartphone owners are downloading more apps onto their devices than ever before.

According to a new survey by Nielsen of more than 4,000 smartphone users who have downloaded at least one app in the past 30 days, the average number of apps they have on their mobile phones has increased to 27 by August 2010, from 22 last December.

Apple’s iPhone users significantly tops the list with an average of 40 Apps on their device.  Android and Blackberry owners’ app usage has also steadily increased to 25 apps and 14 apps, respectively, from 22 apps and 10 apps last December.

Nielsen said games are still the most popular category of downloads, but weather, maps/navigation and social networking apps are also becoming significant categories. Facebook is the most popular individual app across all platforms according to Nielsen. (Nielsen release)

However, before  joining the app frenzy organisations should consider the basics – ‘WHY’ and ‘WHAT’.  Only then should they start to think about the ‘HOW’. Organisations need to stop thinking tactically, not be drawn in by the hype, media, technology buzz surrounding mobile.

We see so many organisations investing in mobile without really understanding what they are getting themselves into. Many are spending large sums of money and sadly will likely see very little return (or even worse create negative brand perception amongst consumers). Why?  They are delivering tactical solutions – failing to recognise the addressable market, the mobile environment, understand the ongoing costs of their decisions, falling short of consumer expectations, led by people who are not acting in their best interests.

At Indigo 102 we specialising in bringing out the realities – communicate the benefits and risks – at the early stages. We work with organisations to build mobile strategies that deliver value over time and develop services that are sustainable. If we can support you to invest wisely and establish a sustainable mobile platform get in touch (martin@indigo102.com).

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