Carnival of the mobilists #217 – the best of mobile blogging

Published 29th March

Welcome to the 217th edition of Carnival of the Mobilists. This week it is again the turn of leading mobile strategist Martin Wilson of Indigo102 to provide his take on a week in mobile.

clownface by foreversouls.A week in mobile is never a dull affair.

The mobile buzz has continued in no uncertain terms; two major US events completed – South by South West, in Austin Texas and CTIA, Las Vegas Nevada. M&A activity continuing – Amdocs snapping up UK based MX Telecom, Nokia buying Chicago based mobile browser operator Novarro. Location based services and advertising still a major topic of conversation, Martin gives his view on the challenges and who he believes have potential to win out.

 A theme that seemed to resonate in a number of posts this week; People are key, their needs may not always be placed at the forefront of thinking! (We will let you judge). 

Here are some of the week’s highlights – we hope you enjoy the read.



The dates announced for the forthcoming Mobile 2.0 Europe 2010 – June 16th and 17th 2010 – the talk ‘Emerging Mobile Ecosystem and Disruptive Mobile Innovation’.

Another year of CTIA, event round-up through the eyes of Chetan Sharma – Ground Hog day or has the industry moved on? New devices, Network upgrades, mHealth, increasing focus towards developers and everyone talking about a ‘Revolution’ (?).



Location, Location, Location – Martin Wilson posts a Guest column at mSearchgroove. Advertising based on location is set to be the most valuable and highly contested sectors – the winners may not be who you think!

Mobile 2.0 – Because You’re Worth-it – Volker Hirsh, critics the Juniper forecasts for Mobile 2.0 as not being potentially lofty enough, have they missed the mash-up?     

New developer models – James Coops from Mobyaffiliates, talks up the potential for affiliate programs to support delivering value to app developers.



App (or not?) debate continues over at PSFK. Jeff Swystun, Chief Communications Officer for DDB Worldwide, suggests we are at an amazing pivot point where all channels of communication are valid – What, Who and the best Way, the questions for marketers?

Mobile Commerce is real, just ask Ebay and Amazon – Carl Martin at Redweb – points out the principles and argues that apps can segment and isolate – ‘look into the mobile web before taking the application route’.

Firefox Windows Mobile fire goes out – Tam Hanna – believes customers will now be left in the rain and frustrated as Mozilla puts their Windows Mobile development on hold. The Opera door opens.



Herding chickens (or Cats?) – Declan Lonergan from the Yankee Group, accuses the mobile operators of being in danger of neglecting traditional services and alienation of profitable customers.

Whose mistake? Yours! – Mark Bridge of TheFoncast – argues; just admit the mistake is your own. Don’t blame the manufacturer or network operator!



The educating power of mobile Judy Breck gives an insight to how mobile offers individual kids the unrestricted opportunity to learn – Handschooling.

Spill the berries – unintended consequences – Russell Buckley at Mobhappy, following his visit to ArabNet; provides an interesting anecdotal insight into why BlackBerry maybe booming in the Middle East, and a lucrative premium grey market.



Fortunately there is a solution – Dennis Bournique of Highlights the trials and tribulations of the Android G1 and Magic [limited RAM] and gives guidance on making the most of a compromised device.


Hope you agree that there is some great content this week. Please keep your submissions coming in; email – Carnival of the Mobilists

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Martin Wilson – has been involved in digital media for over 14 years, during which time he gained a wealth of experience in the fixed line and mobile Internet, and a deep understanding of the local space. In January 2008, Martin established Indigo 102, an independent consultancy, to assist organisations (including digital advertising agencies, directory publishers, media owners and online service providers) take their brands – and value propositions – mobile. In this role Martin has supported the development and launch of mass market mobile services across three continents. You can contact Martin directly ( and follow on Twitter (@indigo102). 

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