241st Carnival of the Mobilists

Published 18th October 


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Welcome to the 241st edition of Carnival of the Mobilists. This week it is again the turn of leading mobile strategist and marketer Martin Wilson of Indigo102 to provide his take on a week in mobile.

A week after celebrating its 5th anniversary it is great to see the Carnival alive and well and conveying aspects of an industry that still continues to buzz with so many different vibes. A week in mobile is never a dull affair.

The working week came to a close in truly invigorating style with the Forum Oxford: Future Technologies Conference at the University of Oxford. On the promise of all the event presentations being made available online it is definitely worth making effort to sign up to the free forum – Forum Oxford: Next Generation Mobile Applications Panel). More in a moment…

An email from Nokia recieved – I can finally buy an N8, but not sure I want one now.

3 days to go…

Long time no see: Windows Mobile back from darkness. Aurélien Fonteneau, at ON, gives a round-up of the buzz surrounding the imminent release of Windows Phone 7. We get: Devices, Strengths and Weaknesses. And proclaims; I would definitely wait a few months before buying a Windows Phone an opinion I am not sure I agree I want one!

Beyond opportunity…

Mobile Marketing Association Mobile Forum Analysis @ Mobile Marketer. Peggy Ann-Salz, of mSearchGroove, gives us her take on the recent MMA event in London. Speakers included: Jay Altschuler, Unilever Global Communication Planning Director; Paul Berney, MMA CMO & Managing Director EMEA; and Jude Brooks of Coca Cola and touches on some of the latest consumer findings and insight from the likes of Lightspeed Research, Electronic Arts (EA) and Buzzcity.

Confidence critical…

How Mobile Operators Can Make The Grade. Lisa Ciangiulli, of Alcatel-Lucent Global Advertising Solutions. Lisa suggests that much of the reticence among mobile operators and companies across the mobile marketing ecosystem to seize the opportunity is not a matter of failing to understand the business benefits, but rather one of confidence.

 Shake-up time…

What if Tesco decided to really take on mobile? Helen Keegan, of Heroes of the Mobile Screen, provides a very interesting view on what mobile may look like if an organisation such as Tesco became serious…Well, the app store would be more focussed and better organised (simpler is better). Beyond the app store… How about if Tesco provided suppliers (be that FMCG, mobile apps, clothing, whatever) with a full-service marketing option. And… What about if Tesco were to take on some web 2.0 and mobile 2.0 principles. READ ON.

Context, or NOT…

Mobile context – As a road sign. Steven Hoober, Urges to think about users and think contextually. Mobile ‘Context’ is ever present in the ambitions of many when designing mobile applications, websites , interfaces and even phones. But somehow, it never gets really understood by many.


A reach out from Holly Kolman, of MobiEnthusiast, seeking for expert contributors to share Breaking news about mobile App, Computer or Cloud technology.

 Forum Oxford

The 35 plus delegates were treated to some great presentations from a number of leading industry figures. Organised by Peter Holland and co-chaired by esteemed colleagues Ajit Jaokar and Tomi Ahonen, there was a lot for our industry to talk about – major shifts at Nokia, 3D mobile premiere, apps of course, and how social media is integrating with mobile.

Proceedings were kicked off by James Elles, Member of European Parliament (MEP). It was very it reassuring to hear an MEP speaking quite fluently about mobile and digital. However the audience was left feeling that it is a concern that government appears to be talking, not really acting.

Second up was an effervescent David Marutiak(@marutiak), of Vodafone. Topic: ‘Communities’ and what constitutes a community. “Communities” are supersets of social networks. You don’t need to be in the latter to be in the former. Despite an expectant audience, David stopped short of criticising Vodafone 360’s efforts to date except to suggest that one core learning is it is too complex for retail sales – sales cycle too long and user interface is too loaded.

The audience was treated to array of statistics by Chetan Sharma(@chetansharma), of Chetan Sharma Consulting, as a true authority in global stats and trends he gave an intriguing view on the next 10 years and 15 trends that matter. Global reallocation of advertising spend shifting Mobile = 5% by 2012, On-deck revenue set to rapidly decline from 60% in 2009 to 30% by 2012.

Jeanette Carlsson, of IBM Global Business services, gave a presentation of ‘Social Media on the Web’ and the influences of mobile. It was slightly bizarre by the fact that one could suggest that IBM clearly have a different view of mobile than many in the real world.

Jonny Bentwood(@JonnyBentwood), of Endelman, provided an interesting insight into how ideas spread? Idea Starters – Amplifiers – Adapters – Commentators – Viewers. Start by identifying the most influential sources to help boost a message, although the source may not be who and what you naturally think.

Simon Cavill, of mi-pay, gave us an amazing insight to the world of m-payment. Blowing the audience away with stats like; 20% of the GDP of Kenya goes through mobile phones. Proclaiming minutes on SIM cards are “the Euro of Africa”. Stunning!  Mobile is really making a difference to the developing world. Although in conversation later Simon was quick to point out that adoption in developed countries is going to be far more challenging.

Volker Hirsch(@vhirsch), of Scoreloop covered theEconomics of Applications, a critic of the models, issues and insights in what to do…..Create Fanatics ……Keep it in Context.

Sean Mitchell, of Movidus, spoke of the intention of sharp to releasing a 3D handset in 2011 and then treated delegates to a demonstration of the latest in their 3D technology for mobile phones – mind blowing.

 Xi Sizhe, a 21 year old PHD student provided a great insight in to the environment in China, the drivers and where technology is going. Xi introduced us to the term ‘imovation’ – the ability to copy and innovate – and talked about the age of abundance of devices.

(Forum Oxford: Next Generation Mobile Applications Panel).




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