Microsoft Windows Phone 7 – great, but stop the cheap pot shots

Published 27th September

Less is more with Microsoft Windows Phone 7

 The new marketing campaign for Windows Phone 7 has emerged. It seems that the message Microsoft is trying to push is that you’ll get more done with less! The adverts attempt to push the simple interface and contrast that of its rivals that require their owners to bury their head in their mobile device to do anything – a situation familiar to so many of us.

Will it work? ‘Mobile take-over’ is certainly is a situation that resonates with many people, but is it a real problem that will win over new consumers? The answer; may be if your partner was buying the device.

I think this is a relatively sad reflection of the market place. Lately we have seen so many organisations taking pot shots at each other, Apple at other handset manufacturers over its iPhone 4 ‘deathgrip’, Nokia at Apple and HTC during the 2010 NokiaWorld event and now Microsoft.

I have always questioned comparative marketing – it more often than not looks desperate, I feel this occasion is no different.

Microsoft have the opportunity to really showcase what they have done with Windows Phone 7 and re-invent themselves in mobile. They have to focus on the task in hand, have confidence in your products and stop the cheap pot shots mentality.    The advert in question below:

Posted by Martin Wilson

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