Mobile advertising needs to recognise communication and social aspects

Published 10th September

Today the overwhelming majority of people with mobile phones use it to communicate with each other. Interactive communication is the most predominant, most consistent, and most active use of the mobile today.

The mobile phone is a communication and social tool. The mobile has given a freedom to the consumer to be contactable, organise, gather knowledge, to fill downtime. For brands to be successful in mobile they need to identify and tap into these ideals.  

Many today do not utilise the moments of interactive communication to inform consumers of products, services and opportunities. The most common approach is to create another mode of opted-in, one way communication.

Is no one in our mobile ecosystem reading the statistics about how people are actually using their phones?  As an industry, why are we not tapping into the primary use of the phone today – interactive communication – for marketing purposes?

Certainly, mobile ad networks have been successful, and will continue to be successful, for the right clients with the right campaign. Most support the traditional method of marketing – audience reach.

The question we really need to begin to ask is how can we create advertising that people want to receive and act upon as part of their daily interactive communication activity?  How can we position messages that influence but not in an assumptive and intrusive way?

While they are talking, while they are texting, while they are gathering and sharing information and knowledge, how can we leverage the personalised and contextualised process of interactive communication to help inform people of products, services and opportunities that appeal specifically to them at that particular moment in time?

For mobile advertising to reach its potential we need to be less conscious of what we want to tell people and more conscious of what they are doing, saying, their environment and what they may find useful. It is in the specific moment of interaction that a message will resonate the loudest and have the greatest impact.

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