Mobile: Why Run before you Walk…

Published 2nd March

The DUST has settled from this 2010’s mighty industry event – Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona – yet a FRENETIC interest in EVERYTHING mobile remains. Mobile the HOT topic and a MUST have.

For many ORGANISATIONS it almost seems that if mobile is not on the AGENDA someone is going to be held RESPONSIBLE. The result we are seeing a STREAM of services launching – many with no real PURPOSE, offering no real VALUE.

Rather than ADDING to the ecosystem they are actually potentially causing DAMAGE. They are turning consumers AWAY and WASTING large sums of money in the process. The low RETENTION levels amongst users of applications and services [reported by Flurry analytics] testament.

ORGANISATIONS need to understand that mobile is VERY different. The DEVICE; personal, a communication medium, lifestyle orientated….CONSUMER; perceives to be paying, never reads a manual, typically wants something, patience and tolerance is far less.

STRATEGY needs to be returned to the forefront. Forget the COOL, the PLATFORM, the TECHNOLOGY, the DEVICE – they come later, at the point of EXECUTION. The important part is to get the OFFER, the consumer PROPOSITION right FIRST.

It APPEARS many organisations have be SUBSUMED by the technology and are SUFFERING as a result. For many they NEED to get SPECIALISTS in to help understand the channel and HOW they can deliver VALUE. To capitalise in the FIXED-ONLINE environment most have developed SPECIALIST teams – mobile should be NO different.

Mobile has the potential to be a far BIGGER opportunity for many organisations than the fixed-online environment REPRESENTS, even today. For those that WANT to succeed they should SEEK support from those that really UNDERSTAND the channel.

Image from from Cobrasoft at Stock.xchng

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