Mobile web is going to be bigger that the PC web

Published 19th November

In response to a post on Forum Oxford.

The mobile web is going to be bigger that the PC web because there are simple more of us with access, the mobile always with us and turned on. Mobile will be the first point of access to the internet environment for many moving forward, rather than mutually exclusive the mobile device and PC will always likely be complimentary. For some activities a PC is always likely to be a better device to use.

Context is important. Although not always the case, but certainly the majority of times, mobile needs are quite specific. Consumers are typically looking to find something and do something. When mobile for many an actionable outcome is a pre-requisite. To ‘Find’ opposed to ‘Search’ an underlying motivation – immediacy often important, patience and tolerance far lower.   

Mobile Internet is not the same as the PC Internet. The context is often very different.

I recently wrote on the blog about the potential winners in mobile;

“The winners will be those not simply with content but those who can recognise and deliver a contextual, relevant tailored offering to a mobile consumer. It will be the ones that ‘get mobile’; those that deliver to the device capabilities, present the expected features, use location well, support social and viral capabilities, add value through marketing and advertising.”….

“I find it surprising that brands and media owners do not treat mobile differently. Ten years ago most saw the opportunity Internet presented and were quick to develop specialist teams that could take forward viable business plans. Not to approach mobile in the same way is like suggesting radio programmes translate well to television. The channels have very different characteristics and capabilities.”

The answer is not transcoding. In my view transcoding simply recognises the lack of optimised content for the mobile user. It is a very poor short-term solution. Why? Many of the transcoded sites do not support actions – it is impossible to contact the business or undertake the call to action. If many more businesses were actually aware of the impact of transcoding I believe that there would be a greater movement to stop it being applied.

The important element for many businesses is to reflect on the value that mobile could deliver and build for it – not just sit back. For many businesses mobile interaction will become primary, PC secondary. Their internet strategy and investment should recognise this.

For a demonstration on how mobile can play a valuable part in your digital strategy get in touch.

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