Nokia and Intuit global alliance: Another nail in the coffin for directory publishers?

Published 15th September

In the middle of BIA/Kelsey’s Directional Media Strategies 2010 (DMS 2010) conference in Dallas, US and on the eve of the European Association of Directory Publishers (EADP) conference in Venice, Italy – an announcement from Nokia, the largest mobile player in the world, and Intuit, a leading provider of business solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

The two are to team up to develop a new mobile marketing service offering for small businesses. It was stated the service will include a combination of offers, advertising and location-based features that will direct customers to where they can find products to buy in their own locality. (Press Release)

An interesting partnership that should really start to get alarm bells ringing at directory publishers, especially when you consider how slow the directory publishers have been to start to capitalise on the opportunity that mobile presents.

Take the UK – Google stated yesterday at the Think Mobile event in London; less than 3% of businesses have websites optimised for mobile, yet there are 14m mobile internet users, 23% of all online time spent is via a mobile device. The experience of viewing most businesses websites via a mobile is poor.

There is a huge disparity and a ripe opportunity for the directory publishers to claim stake. However, it seems that despite the opportunity few are starting to make moves – crazy when mobile could in fact be their saviour.

Nokia have previous attempted to bring together a number of the global directory publishers, when they needed their brands and support to give credibility to their in device consumer offerings. That was then. Things have changed.

The opportunity in a real and trusted role as intermediary marketer for the small business is really up for grabs. I have always said that new players would emerge and stake a claim in this potentially very lucrative space – I am not convinced Google will dominate as many think, Nokia could well prevail if they play the right cards.


Post written by Martin Wilson

Martin spent almost 12 years at Yell, one of the world’s leading directory publishers, and has developed an indepth knowledge of the local environment. Having supported some of the world’s large media owners in developing mobile services his track record of delivery speaks for itself. Martin is a true expert in mobile who really understands how to open the mobile environment in an effective and often complimentary way for the organisations that he works.  If we can support you get in touch (

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