Number of Mobile Internet users set to boom in the UK

Published 24th September

36% of UK Mobile Consumers plan to use the Mobile Internet in Next Year

The latest European study, by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) ( and research partner, Lightspeed Research (, has found over a third of UK consumers plan to use the mobile Internet in the next year.

The research shows high interest in mobile websites, with an average of 28% of European mobile consumers expecting to access websites once a week or more using their mobile phone over the next year. British mobile consumers emerged as the most likely to use the mobile Internet regularly, with 36% stating their intentions to do so over the next 12 months, followed by Germany at 27% and France at 20%.

Take a look a look at where we are today. In the UK, 14m consumers use the mobile internet, some 23% of time spent online is via a mobile device – this shows the reality of mobile. The issue is that today that less than 3% of businesses have a website optimised for a mobile, a staggering discord.

The research asked a 1,000 respondents in each country – Britian, France and Germany. Free access to websites on the mobile Internet emerged as a major driver for usage, with 56% of consumers in France and the UK, and 35% in Germany, stating that they would be very unlikely to use websites which charged them a fee. Fast loading times of websites to the mobile device and simple viewing and navigation were also key amongst French, German and British mobile consumers, with relevant and useful content whilst on the move also featuring highly for Germans.


Other key findings included:

  • News, weather, social networking and mobile search were cited as the sites mobile consumers were most likely to access over the coming year, with maps and directions being the most desired content in the UK and France, and headlines in Germany.


  • On average, 30% of mobile consumers (30% UK, 25% France and 36% Germany) were willing to receive alerts from websites of interest on their mobile phone, with 38% preferring these to be via SMS rather than email.


  • Mobile search engines emerged as the most popular means of accessing websites on the mobile handset in all three countries, followed by bookmarking in the UK and France, and alerts and notifications in Germany.


The results show that there is a clear and growing market opportunity for the mobile Internet. Mobile is set to be a significant channel and key channel for marketers. However, organisations need to ensure that they deliver to the needs and expectations of a mobile audience.  Mobile is very different to the fixed online environment and is not about transfering your existing offer to a new screen. The mobile channel brings with it a whole load of new considerations – sadly something that many organisations are failing to grasp today. 

Posted by Martin Wilson

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