Morgan Stanley: Mobile Internet reports 2009

Published 16th December Morgan Stanley has released¬† two reports about the mobile internet: ‘The Mobile Internet Report,’ a 424 page report which explores 8 major themes; and ‘The Mobile Internet Report Key Themes,’ a 659-slide presentation that drills down on thoughts covered in the report. We have embedded both documents below, along with the Report[…]

Number of Mobile Devices Accessing the Internet Expected to Surpass One Billion by 2013, According to IDC

Published 10th December There were more than 450 million mobile Internet users worldwide in 2009, a number that is expected to more than double by the end of 2013. Driven by the popularity and affordability of mobile phones, smartphones, and other wireless devices, IDC’s Worldwide Digital Marketplace Model and Forecast (an IDC Database service) expects[…]

Mobile web is going to be bigger that the PC web

Published 19th November In response to a post on Forum Oxford. The mobile web is going to be bigger that the PC web because there are simple more of us with access, the mobile always with us and turned on. Mobile will be the first point of access to the internet environment for many moving[…]

Mobile web use to triple in Western Europe by 2014

Published 7th September More than a third of consumers in Western Europe will use the mobile web by 2014, says Forrester. Its new study claims mobile Internet adoption will grow to 39 per cent in the region from 13 per cent in 2008. It adds that a third of Western European consumers will own Internet-enabled[…]