The incomplete ad – combining print and mobile media

Published 28th September

A truely clever integration of traditional print marketing and digital marketing. Ok not everyones cup of tea but used to great effect in this execution.

To launch a new deodorant in Uruguay, the Lowe Ginkgo agency in Montevideo have combined traditional print media with mobile. So how does it work?

You open up a magazine, browse as normal, flickering through the ads as you do until you come across a picture of a quite simply gorgeous blonde with blank white spaces.

You frustratingly look around the ad for an explanation and read: To complete this ad send AXE to 2345 after 9 pm.

The moment the text is received, an MMS is sent to your mobile with the rest of the ad. Placed over the page, which of course you would do, suddenly makes the ad complete.

As reported by The Next

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