Number of Mobile Internet users set to boom in the UK

Published 24th September 36% of UK Mobile Consumers plan to use the Mobile Internet in Next Year The latest European study, by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) ( and research partner, Lightspeed Research (, has found over a third of UK consumers plan to use the mobile Internet in the next year. The research shows high interest in mobile websites, with[…]

MMA: Quarter of Consumers More Likely to Respond to Advertising If Offered A Mobile Response Option

Published 23rd September A recent European study, by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) ( and research partner, Lightspeed Research (, has found on average a quarter of consumers would be more likely to respond to advertising in any media if it allowed them to do so using their mobile device. The findings of the study should be a wake-up[…]

Harvard Business School – Strategies to Fight Ad-sponsored Rivals

Published 23rd October Strategies to Fight Ad-sponsored Rivals Published: October 22, 2009 Paper Released: September 2009 Authors: Ramon Casadesus-Masanell and Feng Zhu Executive Summary: Many companies choose to finance themselves using ad revenues and offer their products or services—from newspapers to software applications, television programs, and online search—free to consumers. Yet the emergence of ad-sponsored[…]

Making mobile the heart of multichannel marketing in next planning cycle

Published 30th September I just read this great article by Thom Kennon and thought it would be worthwhile to re-publish it on my blog to spread the word. This is an absolute must read for every marketer. It is a wake-up call for all those who still think that mobile marketing can be “the fifth wheel” of a[…]

The incomplete ad – combining print and mobile media

Published 28th September A truely clever integration of traditional print marketing and digital marketing. Ok not everyones cup of tea but used to great effect in this execution. To launch a new deodorant in Uruguay, the Lowe Ginkgo agency in Montevideo have combined traditional print media with mobile. So how does it work? You open up a[…]

How will savvy brands use mobile marketing to take advantage of the FIFA World Cup?

Author: Martin Wilson The mobile marketing opportunity around the 2010 World Cup is without a doubt going to be significant. The interest that a global event of this nature will attract is just massive. There will be a huge desire to feed on content and services linked to the event, whether football or location related.[…]