Hospital staycation begins …

To add a little context. In my previous post I said I went from being extremely physically fit. I was cycling over 4,500 miles a year and was about to head to Mallorca for a cycling trip which would have involved around 300 plus miles of cycling and a lot of climbing. I was in pretty good shape. Additionally, I can handle a bike and am a pretty experienced cyclist having ridden over 20,000 miles in the previous five years.

Saturday 23rd April 2022, life took a sudden turn. We had been having a very relaxing typical Saturday afternoon in the garden, few jobs around the house, weather was warm despite it being April. Friends popped over on the way back from town to say hello. Around 6.00pm, I turned to the BBQ to cook and an invitation to supper was extended to the friends.

After supper, I retreated to watch Tyson Fury fight against Dillian Whyte, friends remained in the kitchen chatting with my wife. Our daughter was at work, in a well-known restaurant in the city centre just one kilometre away. On the suggestion that I needed to meet her after her shift, I said I would send a taxi to pick her up as I was watching the fight. The fight finished early, after just 6 rounds, so I was now free to make the meet. I jumped on my bike, lights on and slowly went down the drive and proceeded to cross the road and head into town. The time 10.55pm. That is the last I remember.

I was found some 4 minutes later lying in the road, opposite my house, having crashed off my bike. The cause, which I was later able to piece together – I had hit a pothole. The family that found me lying motionless in the road, their son a friend of my son so they knew who I was and where I lived. I must sincerely thank this family who found me in the road, called 999, knocked at the house to alert my wife and for the fantastic way they supported me moments after the incident until the emergency teams arrived.  

Records note: 4 police cars, 4 ambulances, Air Ambulance paramedics all came to the scene after being called at 11.03pm.

The first moment I recall, although I could not see. My wife’s voice saying, “it is four o’clock in the morning, do you know where you are?” “You have come off your bike and you are in hospital”.

The long night began as I was taken for emergency surgery. I woke to find myself lying in Ward One, Major Trauma. The hospital staycation had begun …

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